It’s what draws our clients into our process.

Discovery, Planning & ConstructionStrong relationships and clear communication are the hallmarks of a successful building project. As part of our strategy for success, we’ve developed a methodology that involves collaboration during each stage of the project. Our process is designed to be structured enough to facilitate a well-organized plan, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual project.

Additionally, our online project management tools show real-time progress in a project calendar, and virtual photo galleries show pictures of the property at each inspection phase. Applying these techniques provides for open, easy communication with our clients – both locally and beyond.

First, we spend time with you, understanding your requirements and developing the project plan. This phase may include site visits, telephone conversations, meetings and online collaboration… as well as the occasional cup of coffee to go over last minute ideas that pop into our heads!

Next we identify the building requirements, plan the project timeline, determine project resources and finalize the pricing. This step is integral to ensuring our client’s expectations are set forth to incorporate the best possible quality and pricing. We pride ourselves in producing very accurate budgets and schedules for all types of work.

Time to make your plans come to fruition! In this phase, we build and inspect the project as planned. We’ll work together to meet all timelines and exceed expectations.

There are many ways we keep our clients up to date with all aspects of a project.