Rookery – Charleston, SC

Just across the Ashley River resides a family home located on Charleston’s beautiful marshes. Adding 500 square feet to the home, the screened porch adjacent to the living room and kitchen was converted into a heated/cooled space. A new screened porch connects the living and kitchen space with the master suite.  

Now the home has a large, open living area for entertaining and enjoying the surrounding marsh views and breezes. A new floor plan configuration allowed for a mudroom addition and a walk-in master bedroom closet. This renovation also almost doubled the master bedroom size, creating a magical relaxing environment. 

“We were really nervous about the renovation as we had never tackled a project that big before. We spoke with a few contractors and received bids. Sceltas was the easy winner by far as their commitment during the bidding process was amazing. They were really collaborative and transparent with their quote – which was itemized (other contractors just gave us a total figure) – building trust early in the process. Their team was very responsive; when they said they would be there, they were. And, as a demanding client, Ryan and Jamey maintained our confidence by taking care of every concern. They were respectful of our requests but also offered quality recommendations. The end product was better than any other contractor. We are highly pleased with our renovation and will call Sceltas again with our next project.”

- Rookery, Charleston, SC

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